The ultimate indoor cycling companion.

Are you a serious cyclist? Do you understand what heart rate zones are? Do you know your lactic threshold? Would you rather be biking outside than at the gym or on the trainer
This is the app for you.

Grab your blue tooth heart rate monitor, your iPhone and rock on, SpinSpin will make your indoor training session suck less! Track your heart rate with easy to read live charts, easily time and visualize intervals. The app interface is designed with sweaty fingers in mind, swipe up, down, left, right and more importantly, don't forget to hydrate!

Recommended Bluetooth monitors

SpinSpin should work with any Bluetooth (4.0) Heart rate or cycling cadence monitors.

We tested the app and recommend Blue monitors from Wahoofitness:

WAHOO Tickr heart rate for iPhone
WAHOO blue sc speed and cadence sensor
WAHOO RPM cadence sensor

You can purchase the monitors directly on their website or on amazon:

Note that ANT+ monitors are not compatible with the iPhone and will not be recognized by SpinSpin.


About Me

I am a cyclist and I am an iPhone developer. I made this app for myself, to make my winter spin class sessions less boring. I hope you enjoy it too!


Sebastien Windal

code monkey on a bike


Zone baby Zone

Wether you are working on your anaerobic endurance or doing threshold intervals, it is all about targetting the right heart rate zone... SpinSpin gives you all the zone heart rate and HR zone information you need in a clear "in your face" way.


SpinSpin keeps track of your cadence, wether you are doing a low-cadence out-of-saddle climbing simulation or some speed play, the app will help you keep track of it.

Beautiful charts

Are you bored staring at the wall in your basement? No more! SpinSpin charts are beautiful, eye candy you could look at all day long.


Doing some intervals? Who isn't? Starting an interval is as easy as swiping the screen up with SpinSpin. You can then easily visualize interval duration and how hard you went in the chart.

Bluetooth HR sensor

The app takes advantage of the iPhone BTLE support (Bluetooth low energy), no need to buy a clunky dongle, just get a bluetooth HR monitor and voila! See our recommended sensors here.

Strava upload

Starting with version 1.1, you can now upload your workout directly to Strava.



version 1.1

August 2014
  • New Upload SpinSpin workouts to Strava
  • Small bugs and enhancements

Version 1.0

April 2014
  • Initial release for iPhone


For general questions, bug reports or press inquires please email